Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Moonlight Warrior by Janet Chapman (Published by Pocket Star Books, April 28, 2009)
Kenzie Gregor is a Highland warrior from the 11th century who, until recently, was a panther. Why was he a panther? Because a witch cursed him, made him immortal and turned him into a panther. He arrives in current day Maine accompanied by an 1,800 year old Druidh who has lost his powers, to establish a sanctuary for animals. Not just any animals, but other souls cursed by witches and/or wizards in ancient times and who need assistance breaking their curses to return them to their previously mortal, human forms. Kenzie's mission now is a "soul warrior." His latest rescue is a 9th Century Irish nobleman, William Kilkenney, who has been turned into a dragon by a powerful witch.

Eve Anderson is recently divorced and has returned home to Maine to care for her ailing mother, Mabel, while trying to keep the both of them financially afloat. Physically, Eve resembles a pixie. On the inside, however, she is tough as nails, bitter towards men after being abandoned by her husband, and in denial about her mother's dementia-like illness. Eve's mother's farm is literally sold out from under her without her knowledge and the person who purchases it is Kenzie. After meeting Eve and her mother, Kenzie feels guilty about purchasing their home without their knowledge and offers Eve a job as his housekeeper to allow them to remain on the farm.

Kenzie is very attracted to Eve, but he knows that his job as a "soul warrior" could potentially bring tremendous danger to her and her mother. Eve thinks he is the most gorgeous male specimen she has ever seen. However, she is so wrapped up in her fear for her mother, in her bitterness towards her two-timing ex-husband and in trying to figure out how to support she and her mom, that she does everything in her power to avoid and/or ignore the gorgeous hunk of man living in the same house. A witch, a stubborn dragon and the fates conspire against them.

MOONLIGHT WARRIOR is a continuation of Janet Chapman's "Highlander" series with many favorite characters from that series making an appearance. Daar, the once powerful, but crotchedy Druidh, Grace and Greylen McKeage from CHARMING THE HIGHLANDER, Robbie McBain, who is a Guardian, from TEMPTING THE HIGHLANDER, and Winter and Matt Gregor from ONLY WITH A HIGHLANDER. The entire series is a wonderful adventure of displaced Scottish clan members from the 11th Century. Each story has twists and turns, sensual and emotional love, humor, well-developed characters and rich and complex plots. Kenzie's character, in his panther form Gesader, appeared in Winter and Matt's story, ONLY WITH A HIGHLANDER.

It was wonderful to see Kenzie have his own book. His character is strong, yet sensitive and gentle, caring and wise. He is a bit old fashioned in his ways (geez, I wonder why), but his attempts to be more modern were endearing. Eve is frightened, vulnerable and wounded. But, she has strength of character and a will of iron which keeps her moving forward. They compliment each other very well. In addition, anyone who has suffered with a family member's dementia will find it handled here in a positive, inspiring manner. William, the dragon, and Maddy, Eve's friend, were wonderful supporting characters that only added to his tale of romance and magic.

Janet Chapman has written a delightful fantasy with this series and her latest book MOONLIGHT WARRIOR continues the series brilliantly and beautifully. I highly recommend the entire series. I really enjoyed it! ;)